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As a duo, we bring a wide range of experience & perspectives to the table. Our approach is personalized and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the support & guidance you need to make a big change. Plus, we work together seamlessly, ensuring that you get the benefit of both of our skills and experience.

WE HELP PEOPLE SMART-SIZE & start their next chapter in the perfect home

It all started

In the peak of the pandemic, Meg's mom decided to sell her home of over 30 years. At this time, Meg's luxury wedding planning company was on pause, due to Covid event limitations. She dove into the process of helping her mom find a REALTOR.  Enter Joe. 

Meg's family really appreciated the emotional intelligence and patient approach that Joe had, along with the many years of experience that he had in Real Estate. 

Joe listed Meg's mom's house, And then Meg promptly peppered him with 1 million questions and marketing ideas. (She was SO bored & she really tested that patience he had). Eventually, he suggested she get her Real Estate License, which she promptly did. 

They quickly realized that they worked well together and the combination of their past experiences put them in an incredibly unique position to help people looking to have a home that suits their next chapter & brings them joy. 


We believe in embracing the uniqueness of each of our clients and their particular situation. We adjust our plan and systems to fit our clients, we don't deliver one size fits all solutions. 

We believe in having an empathetic approach. Change is hard, we totally get it. We are here to make your life easier, not more complicated. And we will do everything in our power to minimize your stress levels.  

We believe in empowering our clients to control their destinies and build wealth through real estate by serving as guides and advocates, providing education and being more than just salespeople. 

A little more about us

Joe's ability to talk to literally anyone made him a natural fit for the role of real estate agent. Coupled with his patient and empathetic personality, Joe is amazing at helping people navigate the emotional challenges of saying goodbye to a home they've loved & made memories in.
Licensed since 1995, Joe has helped countless people buy and sell properties all over New Jersey. With a background in construction & home appraisals, His working knowledge of pricing strategies & negotiation is unmatched. 

In his downtime, Joe enjoys traveling the world, cooking (vegan) food, reading, archery, and volunteering with several charities, along with spending quality time with his friends & family. 

Meg brings a unique background to her real estate career. For 15 years, she owned a successful NYC luxury wedding planning company. Her organizational skills are next level - checklists for days. Working in the wedding industry allowed her to really hone her peacemaking skills and the ability to help people handle high pressure, super emotional moments in life with a smile. Licensed since 2021, Meg is all about bringing a fresh perspective and some serious marketing skills to the table. 

In her time as a regular person, you'll find Meg on the beach with a book & a craft cocktail, rooting for (ok yelling at) the Yankees, spending time with her dogs or being a super fun auntie. 

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